You’re here. Which means you are the curious sort. That’s admirable.

We could tell you about the Crocodile Wrestling Preschool Urban Smirk founded in the Florida Keys, or how difficult it was to swim the English Channel. We could tell you how we perfected the secret recipe for the white stuff in Oreos. We could brag on how clearly we speak braille and give you the YouTube link to our widely popular speech on demotivation. But enough about us, let’s chat about kitchen towels.  

For the highly sarcastic human, it can be really difficult to find your place in this world.  Urban Smirk has been filling that void since 2017.

Urban Smirk began with a love of sarcasm and some art skills.  What makes us different from the other guys is obviously the super-snark, but it’s also a bit more.  All designs are hand-drawn by artist Kari VanZante. Only the super funny ones get through the design process to become Urban Smirk towels.  If we made you laugh, then we’ve done our job. 

With every new towel, we think “This is funny, but who will buy it?”. Then you weirdos show up waving your cash, and it’s just so affirming:

“Urban Smirk just gets me.”

“This one is perfect for my brother… sister… friend.”

“I have been looking for your towels my whole life.”

These sentences are our favorite things. Back when Urban Smirk was born, Kari was printing each towel on her kitchen island. If you can imagine dining room chairs, tables and countertops covered with drying towels, then you’ve got the picture. As the biz grew (and icing her carpal tunnel became the norm), we found an amazing screen printer. We are happy to to team up with GOEX.

It’s hard to believe, but we’re even more excited about our screen printer than we were about the Crocodile Preschool.  GOEX is a social enterprise owned by the Global Orphan Project.  As they print Urban Smirk towels, they are providing living wage jobs. They also take the profits and invest them into caring for kids around the world. I mean, how cool is that? You can grab a funny towel and BE PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER.

The world says “Live, Laugh, Love” but we all know that sentiment is for amateurs.  We hope Urban Smirk towels make you “Snort, Laugh, Pee-A-Lil”. Thanks for supporting this little business. Stay sarcastic my friends.