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Expert Farmer Country Kitchen Towel - QTY 4

Expert Farmer Country Kitchen Towel - QTY 4

Know a farmer? Then you know a hardworking man or woman. They get up with the sun,  deal with dry or rain-soaked fields, care for stubborn animals and spend long hours in extreme temps.

This towel is a great way to celebrate the often unnoticed “heroes of middle America” for that corn on the cob and juicy steak. Let’s honor the famers in our lives!

  • Product Details

    Each screen-printed, 100% cotton towel is drawn and designed by artist Kari VanZante. You can even wash and dry this 18×32 inch bad-boy. The towel is very high quality, has a slight waffle texture and is thick and absorbent.

    You picked a real winner.

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