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"I think that God makes some of us with the unique ability to FIND THE FUNNY.  If you can see humor in the dumpster fires of life, you're definitely winning. 

— Urban Smirk CEO, Kari VanZante

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Meet Kari

Sarcastic humans see the world a little differently. We have the ability to enjoy life and laugh when others are clutching their pearls. Urban Smirk was born from this place of laughter. 

It began in 2017 on a kitchen island. The love of snarky-sayings and art skills combined and out popped Urban Smirk.  Kari begins each towel and dishcloth idea with a pencil sketch and it evolves from there. Only the funniest make it through the process to become one of our high-quality products. 

If we made you laugh, then we’ve done our job. With every new towel, we think, “This is funny, but who will buy it?”. Then you weirdos show up waving your cash and it's just so affirming. We often hear: “Urban Smirk just gets me” or “This one is perfect for my brother…sister... friend.” or “I've been looking for your products my entire life.” With this level of hype, we had to grow the biz! So we took our towels from that tiny kitchen island to our amazing screen printing company GOEX.

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GOEX is a social enterprise owned by the Global Orphan Project.  As they print Urban Smirk towels here in the United States, they are providing living wage jobs. They also take the profits and invest them into caring for kids around the world. I mean, how cool is that? You can grab some Urban Smirk and help kids at the same time. 



Lean in friends. I can't let you leave without saying THANK YOU.  

Thanks for believing in this snarky little towel & dishcloth company. Thanks for making a momma's creative dream come true. Thanks for being the affirmation that as we journey through life we will find other snarky humans to giggle with along the way. I mean, if you trip and fall we may laugh AT you first. But then I'm sure we will pick you up and laugh WITH you.  

 Stay sarcastic my friends.

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Live Interview

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